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My name is Tracy; let me tell you a little about myself. I am not only from Salem; I was born in Salem and have long ancestral ties to Salem. I am a practicing witch, Very active in Salem’s Pagan community. I was a teen about 15 or 16 when I realized I could see babies. I didn’t just see babies, I knew about how far out they were. I knew if it was you or your friend, or a family member who was going to get pregnant. I did not see all babies but when I did see them, they came, That sort of scared me. At this time I was being brought up in a very catholic household. Iignored what I was seeing I knew my parents wouldn’t approve. I hid it from myself and from my parents for many years. I eventually found a job with Diana McKanas at Salem’s psychic center in same. It was Diana who encouraged me to bring out and work with my gifts. She taught me so much. I learned how not to be afraid of what I could see, feel and hear. She also encouraged my gift. She taught me numerology, one of my favorite tools. If you’re not familiar with it, numerology is similar to astrology; it deals with your  birthday numbers and talks about your personality traits. It is a lot of fun. During this time of learning I also learned psychometry. If you’re not familiar with that , it is reading of jewelry. Quite simply put, I can hold a piece of your jewelry and tell you about you. Along with those, I do some mediumship, and tarot cards. I use a pendulum a lot as well. I am currently learning ruin stones and reading of stones themselves. My basic reading will cover what I call the 7 houses. I will cover you, your family, your health, career, school, and home. I will always start out with numerology, a little getting to know you. My readings usually go about a year and a half forward and about the same back. I will tell you about things that have already happened, along with things that are about to happen and a things that will not make any sense. Those are my predictions. I will leave time at the end of each reading to go over any questions. I look forward to reading for you.